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The designer showed the most realistic iPhone 7 concept [video]

The latest insights about the iPhone 7 are rather contradictory. Some sources claim that Apple only slightly change the design of the smartphone, but more focus on hardware improvements. Someone, on the contrary, I am sure that the next iPhone will be a product created from scratch. Anyway, the designers have their own opinion, and Brazilian designer Arthur Reis group decided to make us his vision of the iPhone 7.

Renderings of the concept were published on the website Behance. Based on the design of the current iPhone 6(s) and the previous generation iPhone 5(s), with the interest then causes the display panel of the smartphone. So, in these images we can assume, as in practice will be implemented a display “from edge to edge”, according to which the scope on the sides of the iPhone screen will be minimal. The strip antenna on the rear panel, did not disappear, but become more subtle and look neater than the current model.

Reis group is confident that his project is almost identical to the real look of iPhone 7 with all its features. “Seven” has become more compact, got a waterproof case and AMOLED-display with the updated technology of 3D Touch. The smartphone lacks a 3.5 mm audio Jack which took place the additional speaker. Included with the new device go wireless Bluetooth headphones and the Apple brand stand for wireless charging.

Members Raise delighted with the design and say they are ready to buy your smartphone if it would be so. As you can see in the video, we have one of the most realistic concepts iPhone 7.

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