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The designer showed the concept of the “iPhone 8” dream with frameless screen and augmented reality technology

In the Network appeared renderings, where designers presented their vision of the appearance of the next flagship, the iPhone 8. New work has shown, the Hungarian artist gábor Balogh, who thought not only form factor, but also the functional characteristics of the future smartphone Apple.

According to Balogh, the new “Apple” device will receive a large curved frameless screen that almost completely cover the entire front surface. This is evidenced in numerous rumors and insiders on Apple’s plans to abandon the classic Home button.

Unlock your iPhone using the fingerprint scanner that will be embedded directly into the display. The upper part with the front camera and speaker is not included in a display panel, he said. The image of the rear of the hull designer did not provide.

About user interface iPhone 8 concept Creator told a little more. According to the designer, the desktop background will create a feeling of a transparent device, by translating the image from the camera the effect of frosted glass. Holding the virtual Home button, you can invoke Siri with the function of visual search. Assistant is able to identify the image in real time and display the description of the object.

When using the navigation mode, the iPhone 8 will show the path on the screen with the effect of augmented reality – the route will be superimposed on the real image.

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