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The designer showed another concept iPhone 8

Designer John Calkins (John Calkins) gathered together all the rumors regarding the iPhone 8, and presented his vision for Apple’s new smartphone.

According to Calkins, iPhone 8 will be able to switch to dark mode, you will get a panel Home instead of the usual buttons and more. The designer believes that the lower part of the OLED display that Apple will equip the iPhone 8 will be used as changing the size of the Home button. Agree with earlier information, this part of the screen will be able to adapt to the needs of the user. If the user is viewing the video in full screen, panel hides the Home, increasing the useful surface of the display.

According to Calkins, smart bar HomeBar will allow you to open notifications, manage widgets and return to work screen.

“100 percent customization. 100 percent ease — said the author of the concept. — A new virtual Home button, though different, but still familiar to the users. She can even change color depending on the background image. You will also be able to hide and change her size at will.

How well the designer anticipated appearance and features of the new iPhone, we learn during the presentation in September.

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