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The designer showed a concept iPhone 7s with stereo speakers and a 21-megapixel camera [video]

Nostalgic designer Hasan Kaymak has decided to imagine how would look a new iPhone, if Apple decided to mix the present with the flagship iPod touch. As a result, the designer has turned out a device with a streamlined back and front panel.

According to Kajmak, iPhone 7s must be equipped with a 4.7-inch Retina display Full HD without side frames, stereo speakers in the bottom and the top of the case and slot for cards micro-SD. According to rumors the phone has got 3.5-inch audio Jack for headphones.

Designer slightly rounded front and back panels, made the body of the smartphone is very slim and stylish. The Home button remained in place and updated to support the Force Touch technology. It is advisable that the smartphone could have been 16 hours straight to be online in LTE networks and was not affected when immersed in water.

On the rear panel of the iPhone 7s you can see the Apple logo and 21-megapixel main camera with dual led flash.

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