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The designer showed a concept iPhone 7 with an unusual system of protection from drops [video]

One of the problems with modern smartphones is their fragility. When you drop the gadget on a hard surface, there is a chance to break the screen or damage other parts of the smartphone. Even protective cases not always save you from a broken screen or dents on the body.

The latest Apple patent applications in the field of protection of smartphones from mechanical damage inspired the designer Sonitdac on creating concepts iPhone 7. With the light hand of the artist, the unit received an innovation technology of protection from falls, which he named “Parachute System”.

Created by designer iPhone 7 is equipped with pneumatic cushioning, ensuring the safety of the device. Once the smartphone detects the fact uncontrolled fall (accelerometer, gyroscope and camera together to solve this problem), turn on the pneumatic engine, which slows down the fall. As a result iPhone smoothly lands on the surface and the gadget remains intact.

Of course, this is just a concept, which is unlikely to be implemented in the near future. However, it is known that Apple is interested in such protection of smartphones, in particular, according to the company’s patents. One of them described no less unusual system of protection in the form of shock absorbers that extend from the body of the smartphone. Technology not only protects the iPhone if dropped on a hard surface, but also can increase his chances of survival if dropped in the water.

Of course, in many ways, the concepts are created for entertainment, and patents to protect intellectual property. But we believe that such technology will ever be implemented in the iPhone, and they will stop beating and sink.

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