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The designer showed a concept iPhone 7 with a circular screen on the basis of a patent by Apple [video]

What is the main task of the designer-conceptualist? To create something beautiful? To come up with something shocking? This is certainly important, but a true professional in this case can look to the future. This skill has decided to show designer Mesut G. Designs in its new concept iPhone 7 with a circular screen.

Theme the iPhone display the “wrapped” around the body, has long occupied the minds of designers. It all started last year Apple patent. In the document “Electronic device with a collapsible display” (“Electronic device with wrap around display”), the company has shown an unusual iPhone, which consists of a glass base around which is wrapped a flexible AMOLED-display. In Apple said that phones of a similar form can replace smartphones and tablets traditional form factor. This design allows to reduce the size of device, without losing space for display.

To design renderings, you can see a conceptual iPhone with a screen that is “drained” to the body. Futuristic display smoothly wraps around the smartphone and takes up the entire front and rear surfaces of the device. The device looks rather neat, but how practical such a display panel, while hard to judge.

Another interesting idea of the designers is the new fingerprint scanner of the iPhone. The biometric module was implemented directly under the glass, not the Home button, as in existing iPhone and iPad models. This method of recognizing fingerprints suggests that the user can touch a finger to a particular section of the display.

The designers assume that this iPhone 7 will be out in 2016. Users in the comments praise the work of the designer, but interested in the possible price of the smartphone. Probably, the model would have cost much more expensive than the usual $649 for the 16-Gigabyte modification.

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