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The designer showed a concept iPhone 7-inspired design of the Galaxy S6 edge [video]

A young designer Mass JI was inspired by the appearance of the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge borrowed some elements of the Korean smartphone manufacturer for iPhone 7 concept. For this reason, the curved sides of the display cannot be called fresh solution. Additional plane of the screen, the designer proposes to use for notifications.

The artist forgot to equip the concept of some necessary connectors and replaced on their own proprietary. According to him, the usual round home button on the front panel of the iPhone 7 will disappear, it will be replaced by “virtual” counterpart. Mechanical buttons on the side panels of the smartphone will also give way to the touch. Main camera resolution will increase to 20 megapixels, front – to 8 megapixels.

Due to the beveled edges of the slot for the SIM card had to be moved to the bottom edge of the gadget, here placed built-in speakers. The smartphone is missing the usual audio Jack, which combined with Lightning-connector. The iPhone 7 is available in three versions: black, silver, and in the style of “Iron man”.

The value of the concept, according to the artist, is that allows you to look at the “Apple” smartphone with a curved side faces the screen. However, it is hard to believe that this will ever happen in reality.

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