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The daughter of Donald trump advised the subscribers of the Russian app for iPhone

The daughter of the President of Donald trump’s afraid of flying on airplanes, what she said in his Twitter account. To solve it use Russian app SkyGuru that it advised its subscribers.

According to Twitter posts, to overcome the fear of turbulence Ivanka trump helps iOS application, which helps to fight aerophobia, which was developed by Alexey Gervase. “Fight with my fear of flights using the app that predicts turbulence”, – stated in the message of the daughter of the President of the United States.

SkyGuru receives information about the upcoming flight from aviation sources used by the airlines when flight planning. Next, using the iPhone sensors and special algorithms, it recognizes the current phases of flight and accompanies the flight, commenting, teaching and explaining.

It should be noted that the Council use SkyGuru was not published in the personal account of the girl, and on channel @IvankaTrumpHQ containing different tips for all occasions from a name brand Ivanka Tramp.

The app is available for download in the App Store: free version offers a limited number of options, while SkyGuru Pro worth 1490 rubles opens the door to more possibilities.

The developer Alexey Gervas, as he wrote in Facebook, “in shock”. One of the commentators ironically noted that SkyGuru now in the White house.

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