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The data center Apple in Denmark will save local farmers from waste

Apple in the construction of new data centers in Europe going to the prudent management of energy resources. The company will be cooled server system with fluid, and the emissions of heat energy will not be lost, but used for heating.

The company from Cupertino decided to spend about $1.8 billion to build two data centers in Northern Europe: Denmark and Ireland. In the first case, the server equipment generated heat is used for heating the surrounding houses. In addition, the data center will be used to generate electricity methane gas resulting from the processing waste of livestock farms, located in Denmark.

In addition to methane, the output of this technology allows to obtain organic fertilizers are returned to farmers engaged in crop production. Of local power grid of the Danish data center Apple will not consume any watt of electricity.

Caring about nature has become for the American giant an important part of policy development. All Apple data centres in the United States as headquarters, the company uses only renewable energy sources. In the whole world the percentage generated from renewable energy sources for data centers does not exceed 96%, because in some regions the Apple servers are operated on rented third-party venues.

Irish data center Apple will be powered by a system that generates electricity from sea waves. The iPhone maker is also seeking to reuse the main part of the constructional materials used for the production of their products. Such a policy should help slow the depletion of global natural resources.

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