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The cult of Apple: how Apple is recruiting new followers

In 1997 John sculley, who served as Apple CEO from 1983 to 1993, admitted to the journalist The Guardian: “People talk about technology, but Apple has always been a marketing company. It is hard to disagree with Mr. Scully and 20 years later. Yes, Apple has in many ways changed our lives, showing the world your personal computer, iTunes and the iPhone, and one marketing will not reach this — we need technology. But, as writes Kommersant, in addition to the undeniable technological breakthroughs from competitors Apple has amazing ability to convince consumers that without a new iPhone, his life will not be complete, and in the future are only allowed with an ultra-lightweight, ultra-thin and ultra-fast MacBook. To do this, the course is everything: millions of budgets, Taylor swift and “Sex in the city”.

Advertising campaign

When a large Corporation like Apple to advertise their new items are drawn to the dystopian novel, it is perceived as ironic. Anyway 30 years ago the movie “1984” Apple announced the release of its first personal computer from the Macintosh, and at the same time the beginning of a new era. “On January 24 Apple Computer will introduce Macintosh. And you will see why 1984 will not be 1984″,” — announced the voice at the end of the advertising clip, filmed by Ridley Scott.

From 1997 to 2002, Apple urged to think differently (“Think different”). Rumor has it that this slogan was a response to IBM with their call to “Think”. In the video, praising the innovators of the XX century (and, of course, the development of jobs), used archival Chronicles with footage of John Lennon, Pablo Picasso, Mahatma Gandhi, Maria Callas and other “mad men” and “rebels”.

From 2006 to 2009, the television advertising Apple differed minimalism, sense of humor and traditional tease competitors. Campaign “Get a Mac” is a series of short sketches in which two actors representing Mac and PC demonstrate all the advantages of the latter. Perhaps the most convincing is the Apple.

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What unites John Lennon, Frank Sinatra and Taylor swift? At least a few statuettes, a Grammy and the fact that each of them lit up in Apple’s commercials. Besides all their songs can be found in the Apple Music catalog, which promotes swift.

The fresh Apple is also aimed at drawing attention to Apple Music. The star of the movie this time was the leading Carpool Karaoke James Corden, singing which, however, did not allow. Which is a pity. In participating in the Spice Girls he could sell anything.

How to still pull off the perfect iPhone commercial? Just leave the cookie monster (aka Cookie Monster) alone with Siri and don’t forget to turn on the camera.


Despite the fact that the slogan “Think different” has long disappeared from the posters Apple, it is still closely associated with the company. Remember the slogan not only for its promise: from the point of view of English grammar the phrase may seem illiterate. Why the jobs did not accept the version of “think differently”? There are two reasons. First, a well-known advocate for minimalism and brevity Steve jobs thought that it sounds better. Second, the “think different” encourages consumers to completely restructure their thinking, and, according to jobs this shade is lost with the word “differently”. I must say that the game with the English language tightened marketers Apple for the long haul.

In 2008, Apple introduced its first notebook of MacBook Air. At that time it was the thinnest laptop in the world and, of course, the embodiment of all the latest developments of the Corporation. How to bring it to buyers, mindful of the desire of Steve jobs to the short form? To take two words and combine them into one “thinnovation” (“thin” — “thin” “innovation” “innovation”).

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A fair amount of resourcefulness have to be the creatives Apple with the release of each new iPhone. It all started quite ambitious: “Apple reinvents the phone.” But with the launch of subsequent models the thought went in circles: “the First phone superior to iPhone (iPhone 3G), “the fastest, Most powerful iPhone” (iPhone 3Gs), It changes everything. Again” (iPhone 4), “the Most amazing iPhone (iPhone 4s), “The greatest thing to happen to iPhone since iPhone” (iPhone 5). Apparently, the buyers had the impression that there is only the iPhone, competing solely with themselves. Play around with the puns for “six” (“Bigger than bigger” in the Russian translation, was transformed into the More. In all forms”) and the iPhone SE (“Small form at his best”), the slogan of iPhone 7 Apple has decided to return to brevity: “This 7”.

Apple representatives have repeatedly stressed that not in their rules to pay for placing their products in movies or television shows, but the bitten Apple shines almost in every second Hollywood blockbuster. A Corporation may not pay the film companies, but the hand holds on the pulse and are happy to ship to the set batch of brand-new devices. Philip Schiller, responsible for marketing policy of Apple does not hide the fact that Hollywood, for the company’s main advertising platform.

In the magic of cinema Apple believed in 1996, when things are at brand was not the best way and the top management has attended to search of new channels of communication. Reviewing their advertising budgets, Apple has decided to allocate $15 million to a supporting role in the movie “Mission impossible” went to the PowerBook. Coincidence or not, but after painting Apple buyers have increased considerably.

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Since Apple is generously sponsoring a film company with their products. One of the latest examples is the series “house of cards”. Its creators claim that Apple just gave them a few dozen computers, phones and tablets, without requiring anything in return. Considering that Apple devices will be advantageous to look at the frame, with the gifts the crew of “house of cards” decided not to leave.

Sometimes, Apple’s products dedicate entire episodes of television shows. For example, the iPad revolves around the action of one of the series “American family”. The plot of Claire Dunphy knocked out of the last effort to get her husband Phil that he’s really looking forward to your birthday, — iPad, one of the main new Apple. The writers of the show explained that the choice fell by chance on the iPad: release date of the device coincided with the release of the series. However, Dunphy became famous as the fans of “Apple” devices. One of the episodes of the second season of “modern family” was filmed on the iPhone 6 and iPad Air 2.

But the biggest thank you surely Apple have to say Carrie Bradshaw, which to scribble your speakers are excluded on the Macintosh. The image of the heroine Sarah Jessica Parker’s so involved with Apple laptops, after Hewlett Packard became a sponsor of the film “Sex and the city 2”, fans of the series worried about only one question: did Carrie change on PC? And even though Parker has appeared in commercials for HP notebooks, Carrie, apparently, go to Windows is not going to.

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