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The creators of YotaPhone was offended by Russian users

In the magazine GQ published an article about Vladislav Martynov, the founder of Russian YotaPhone is the first smartphone with two screens. The publication says that the device with the first days of its existence was doomed to the curses, the jeers and the labels among the Russian users.

“One thing is clear — Vladislav Martynov, very offended: “This is all some kind of catastrophe. The main problem with innovation in the country — no emotional support for startups. We as a society not realized that without this we will not have technological breakthrough. We have to have the phone Russian, Russian Steve jobs, but it’s not about the product for Russia, and about the companies of scale of Samsung and Apple.

The substitution, you say? We need to think bigger — not to substitute import, and export an excellent product”.

From the very beginning to be skeptical of the YotaPhone, the smartphone was doomed to the curse, searing trolling, shortcuts, and tests, says GQ: “an Unplanned presentation to the President of Russia plastic bar layout under the guise of a prototype, mocking the nickname “Russian iPhone killer” and humiliating comparison with the Empire of Steve jobs, the bad PR, unfriendly reception at home – in the top ten of the prestigious Western awards for innovation”. However, the Creator of the YotaPhone has no plans to abandon his plans.

“Despite the “disaster”, don’t hesitate Martynov said that still would jump in it, even if I knew from the beginning what to expect. He had no doubt that everyone should do so who was going to or already engaged in business and startups in Russia: Yes, will be unaffordable, Yes, maybe, no one will appreciate the result, Yes, will drop his hands, but there is a chance that things work out”.

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This year, Martynov is planning to launch the YotaPhone 3, if all goes as it should. How the new smartphone will meet at home, no one knows yet.

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