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The creators of the Orthodox smartphone introduced titanium case for iPhone 7

Gresso company, specializing in creating luxury smartphones, introduced the titanium collection of protective cases for iPhone Magnum. The accessory is made of solid titanium plates on high-tech equipment and costs more than most Android phones.

Ruler devoted to the presidents of the United States and limited to 999 copies. As described in the company titanium case provides reliable protection for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. Thanks to its properties, titanium is used in aerospace and aviation, significantly outperforming aluminium and steel in strength and durability.

Gresso Magnum has a split level design. The lower part is made from supple and ultra-high-strength polyurethane (TPU), a top – of titanium. The case is constructed with high engineering precision: Titan panel and polyurethane base are joined into a single structure. Application of PVD technology has allowed for rich and deep black color of the case.

Gresso is a manufacturer of phones and luxury accessories. The company was founded in 2004. In January 2017, the company presented a collection of gadgets, dedicated to the Russian Orthodox Church. The output of the line was timed to the celebration of Baptism.

The case of the Orthodox smartphones covered in gold leaf. On the back side of the gadget engraved Christian cross with the inscription “Save and protect”. Price of smartphone with gold buttons is 380 000 rubles, with diamond — 1.5 million rubles.

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