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The creators of the e-ink case for iPhone “from Chubais” has announced the closure of the project

The company Popslate, which worked on the case with an additional e-ink screen for the iPhone, announced the closure of the project. The developers of the case with innovative display from RUSNANO said sorry about what happened, noting that he will not be able to return money to users who supported the project.

As reported by VC, the company is now Popslate is in the process of elimination. Project managers Yashar Behzadi and Greg moon explained this step by the shortage of funding for the project. According to them, the company spent a considerable amount of preparation Popslate 2, but ran into technical problems.

The sponsors failed to raise the necessary funds to resolve the issues. Now developers have no opportunity to return money to users, which the project financial support.

“At the moment we have no money for two main reasons. First, we spent a significant portion of funds for development and production. Secondly, as you know, we are faced with critical problems that have increased the required costs,” – said the creators of Popslate.

Popslate has released the first version of the iPhone case features an additional black-and-white screen in 2015. It is designed to check for notifications and save battery. In 2016, the company announced the second generation, which will also act as a charger for your smartphone.

For the production of Popslate 2 the company raised over $1.1 million on Indiegogo. Delivery of covers was to begin in July 2016, but then the developers moved it to October, citing the insufficient number of initial prototypes.

In September 2016, Apple introduced two new smartphones — the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. Popslate had to undertake a redesign of the case to fit for the iPhone 6, and iPhone 7. In the process it became clear that the developed hybrid does not meet the conditions of the program Made for the iPhone, when the company said that it will release different versions of covers for every model of phone.

In January 2017 Popslate learned that the prototypes have not passed certification tests Apple because the case creates noise during transmission and reception of radio frequency signals. In addition, the device of “loose loaded” smartphones, so delivery was postponed to March 2017.

A recent report by the company says that its experts have found the root of the problem — the case cover is made of plastic and fiberglass, which prevent bandwidth smartphone. To create a new concept it is necessary to conduct additional tests, which require money, explained Behzadi and moon.

In 2015, the head of state Corporation “Rosnano” Anatoly Chubais boasted that successfully completed the project “Russian iPad”. In fact, he talked about the Popslate case for the iPhone.

Popslate was a partner in another company Plastic Logic, which “Rosnano” in 2011 invested $150 million it was Supposed that this money will be spent on the construction of the plant, which will deliver flexible displays for the “Chubais tablet” – a Russian analogue of iPad for students. The plant was located in Zelenograd. Later it became known that the construction postponed indefinitely, and the company Plastic Logic, in principle, refuses to campaign for the development and production of its own tablet computers and e-readers.

In 2015, Chubais after the debate, the TV channel “Rain” gave the Popslate case of opposition leader Alexei Navalny. Navalny said in response that he considers “Rosnano” unsustainable and “wrong” Corporation, but shook hands with his counterpart.

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