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The creators of the ad blocker AdBlock has announced a browser that saves up to a quarter charge smartphone

The creators of the popular plugin to block Internet advertising AdBlock Plus has released its own browser for Android, and has announced a version for the iPhone and iPad. The app has a built in blocker and allows a 23% reduction in the battery consumption by reducing the load on the processor.

A web browser is able to extend the autonomy of mobile devices, called Adblock Browser, Cnews reports. While he is at the stage of open beta testing. And install it on your smartphone and tablet running Android. Soon the developers promise to release a version for iOS.

AdBlock Plus is based on the Chromium platform, which underpins Google Chrome and recent versions of Opera (before the browser worked on their own Presto engine). In addition, Chromium is used by developers Yandex.Browser” and some other less known applications. Download Adblock Browser from Google Play. To get the app, you must join the community beta testers. Then, the user will receive a link to download Adblock Browser.

Adblock Browser has built-in ad-blocking feature-based algorithms and filters plug-in AdBlock Plus. The advantage is that the user need not download and install this plugin on their own. Moreover, it can customize which ads he wants to see or hide.

Block ads not only makes surfing the web more enjoyable, but also protects you from malicious code that may be contained in the ads, the developers say. Ad blockers can reduce the load on the CPU, because it does not need to handle additional visual information. Blocking ads, Adblock Browser capable of 23% to reduce the battery consumption in a mobile device, say the creators. Also, the developers claim that the new browser is faster job than the competitors, although the numbers of comparisons do not lead.

In 2013, it was rumored the assumption that the developers of AdBlock prepare its own browser for iOS, however the product in the light still did not come out.

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