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The creators of SwiftKey keyboard is giving away free themes for iOS and Android

SwiftKey, the company that produces the popular keyboard for smartphones and tablets, users have made a gift to the coming New year. Now all the themes SwiftKey for iOS and Android, have become completely free.

The company has offered more than hundreds of keyboard themes with different colors and design, including new themes Vivid. To access them on iPhone and iPad simply click on the SwiftKey icon and select the red icon Design. In the Android version of the app you need to click on menu and go to SwiftKey Hub, and then open the Themes panel and select the SwiftKey Store.

SwiftKey is considered the most intelligent of the keyboards. Users joke that she can read minds. This, of course, wrong. Just the developers of SwiftKey have conducted an extensive analysis of the language in order to implement predictive. The app uses artificial intelligence to predict the next word that the user wants to write.

Since installing SwiftKey remembers what a person writes and automatically offers in written speech favorite phrases and expressions. In the result, it seems that the keyboard “reads” thoughts and predicts almost whole sentences from the very first words.

SwiftKey made its debut on Android in 2010 and only two years ago was launched on iOS. During this time the application has been installed on 300 million devices. According to the developers, users of SwiftKey, which is available in 100 languages of the world totally made for 10 trillion less clicks (than on a standard keyboard) and saved over 100,000 years of typing. In February 2016 Microsoft bought SwiftKey.

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Download the SwiftKey keyboard for iPhone and iPad is available for free at this link.

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