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The creators of Pokemon Go develop a game about Harry Potter

After the stunning success of Pokemon Go Studio Niantic engaged in the development of another game. This time the action will take place in the universe of Harry Potter.

The developers have not published any details associated with a new project. At the moment we know that the game will be called Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. Its launch will take place in 2018. As Pokemon Go, the game will be created based on Ingress, the Niantic game.

In previous games players had to explore the real world from time to time by performing in-game actions. For example, capture or collect various items. Probably in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite gameplay will not change.

In 2016 Pokemon Go literally turned the entire world upside down. The game Niantic Labs downloaded over 750 million times. She has earned a lot of positive feedback and even helped some people to lose weight. At this time the developers decided to attract fans of the magical Harry Potter universe and I expect a similar reaction of users.

Apple CEO Tim cook believes augmented reality technology is very promising. Moreover, according to information from Bloomberg, Apple is planning to release their AR points by 2020.

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