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The creators introduced Siri virtual assistant a new generation of Viv, who is able to do everything himself [video]

Dag Kittlaus and Adam Chier, had at the time, hands to the creation of Siri, introduced its new development in the field of artificial intelligence. Demonstration of a new virtual assistant called Viv took place at the TechCrunch conference on Monday, may 9.

Viv — this voice assistant is a new generation. Or you can call it artificial intelligence. As planned by the developers, Viv needs to help the person to implement this plan directly without any intermediaries. In fact, the intermediaries will, of course, but Viv will do everything himself, without bothering the user. If a person needs something to order, buy, book tickets, then Viv will do all of this myself. Moreover, it will clarify whether there are any wishes, if any question implies.

Viv will be offered alternatives if the user request can not fulfill. All this will do it myself, without sending in any search engine, not on the sites of Internet shops, cinemas and other companies. At least that way it creates the developers of Viv Labs. If they get what they conceive it will be quite noticeable revolution in the industry. Suffice it to say that Google and Facebook already tried to buy the Viv, although it has not even officially introduced. Mark Zuckerberg, by the way, is an investor Viv Labs.

Dag Kittlaus and Adam Cheyer at the time, the company Siri, which developed the eponymous voice assistant for iOS, bought in the end Apple in 2010. Siri was originally conceived as Viv is now created. However, Apple renamed the project and did it the way we know it all these years. The developers already gave Siri the ability to interact with 42 different services, among whom were Yelp, StubHub, OpenTable, and Google Maps. This allowed FOR work as described above, that is, to do the work, giving only the result. But after Apple’s purchase, Siri had severed all these ties and made just Siri voice assistant. By the way, a year from Apple has gone a third of the original developers of the software and now they are all working on Viv.

Currently, Viv is able to work with about 50 different services associated with a particular field. It allows you to order food, tickets to various events, order taxi, buy flowers, or other commodities, and so on.

However, this is where lies the main question that the source does not raise. Viv can’t do without intermediaries, it just saves the user from having communication with them in one form or another. But the mediators will be. And Viv would not choose them myself every time I get the request — they are integrated in its database initially. Thus, partners Viv will benefit from the fact that people use it. But for most normal users this is irrelevant, because of the opportunities opened up by the advent of such software are really impressive.

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