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The Creator of the programming language Swift announced plans to leave Apple

Chris Lattner the founder of the Swift programming language designed to create applications for MacOS and iOS, has announced his departure from Apple. About the developer said in his letter to the employees of the company.

Letter did not specify why he is leaving the company. But he said that will work until the end of January, after which “you will find a use for his abilities elsewhere”.

Chris Lattner came to Apple in 2005 after has been developing a service for developers of LLVM. After that, the project was integrated into the Apple system and Latter became involved in the creation of Swift.

The presentation of the programming language Apple has held WWDC 2014. The company during the presentation of the product announced that have tried to create a language that would be spared from the cumbersome heritage Objective-C. Swift was laid down on the platform NeXt, which became the basis for macOS and then iOS.

Since then, this language has become one of the most popular in the world. According to experts, Swift – a convenient and powerful programming language that claims not only to replace Objective-C in Apple’s ecosystem, but also to encroach on the family C as a whole.

According to the research service Stack Overflow, the Swift programming language takes the second place in the list of languages that are most popular for developers, second only to Rust from Mozilla Research.

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