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The Creator of “the player for audiophiles” Neil young has removed their albums from Apple Music “low sound quality”

Canadian rock musician Neil young refused streaming and closed to listen his music on the Apple Music service. According to him, music service, Apple does not provide adequate sound quality.

“Streaming has ended for me. I hope my fans won’t mind.

It’s not about money, although my cut (like all other artists) was significantly lower due to a failed transaction carried out without my consent.

It’s all in the sound quality. I can’t have my music appreciated less because the worst sound in the history of broadcasting and any other form of distribution. I feel I have no right to sell the content in this format. It’s bad for my music.

The point is, to create and deliver the music you need in a format in which people could hear and feel. I am convinced of this.

When quality comes back, I’ll think about it. Never say never,” the musician wrote on his blog.

Neil young is a well – known fan of high quality sound. Last year he released “player for audiophiles” PonoPlayer, which gathered for days on Kickstarter over $1 million PonoPlayer features a large LCD screen and provides “superior sound quality”. 68-year-old musician explained that his main objective was to transfer music from records to digital sound. PonoPlayer, according to Yang, reproduces a musical composition on a higher level than the iPod.

Yang in the past expressed dissatisfaction with the sound quality of Apple iPods. Canadian even advised Steve jobs about the new version of the player with perfect sound quality”. The founder of Apple wanted to release the iPod model, designed to reproduce the highest quality sound. The project was in its early stages and was finally collapsed after the death of Steve jobs in October 2011.

By the way, the recent “blind” testing the sound quality of the three streaming services Apple Music, Spotify and Tidal revealed no clear leader. Despite the fact that the music service Apple broadcasts music as 256 kbps, Spotify – 320 kbit/s, and Tidal – 1.4 Mbps, experts in many cases are unable to detect any differences in the sound tracks.

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