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The Creator of Oculus Rift: don’t expect Mac support soon

Co-founder of Oculus is Nate Mitchell said that at the moment they are not ready to provide for virtual reality helmet Rift support for Mac computers. Although he did not rule out such a possibility in the future.

“We want OS X (macOS) supported the Rift, but that’s not what now we have in the roadmap for the next six months, said Mitchell. – We will continue to work on this, the main question is, how much are we willing to invest in it, because you will need a lot of time and energy trying to make things right and to provide the best experience”.

In Oculus mentioned that Apple is not equipping its computers with powerful graphics cards. Even Mac Pro for $6000 with a top AMD FirePro D700 video card does not meet recommended system requirements. In the line of Apple there is not a single computer, which would ensure the operation of the helmet at a comfortable level for the user, said previously one of the founders of Oculus VR Palmer Lucky.

In may 2015, Oculus chief architect Atman binstock said that support OS X and Linux for hat Roft postponed indefinitely in order for the company to devote their energies to ensuring a high level of user interaction on the Windows PC, given the appropriate hardware and software as well as content for these systems.

Meanwhile, Facebook has decided to reduce the price of the Oculus from $599 to $499 and controllers the Oculus Touch — c $199 to $99. The company hopes that this will attract consumers to use virtual reality tools more rapidly.

“Today new, lower prices Rift and Touch are applied to the falling prices for PCs and graphics cards. To go to the store and get a full set to obtain VR experience using a PC (including desktop, Rift and Touch) is now 30% cheaper than a year ago, when we launched Rift,” said the company.

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