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The Creator of McAfee lied about the iPhone hacking terrorists from San Bernardino

Last week the candidate for President of the United States and founder of McAfee, John McAfee has told in detail about how he will hack the iPhone 5c, which belonged to the terrorist of San Bernardino. McAfee has amazed all with the statement that he is willing to eat his Shoe, if it does not work.

In an interview with TV channel Russia Today McAfee explained in detail exactly how he is going to hack the smartphone. In particular, he proposed to miss iOS code through a disassembler and then search for desired data among the “obvious zeros and ones”. However, he assured that all procedures will take “half an hour”.

“I am now going to lose their rights of access to the global hacker community, but I’ll tell you. You will need a hardware engineer and software engineer. Engineer hardware takes the phone, parses it and copies a set of instructions, that is, iOS and apps and your memory. Then run a program called a disassembler, it converts this set of instructions into meaningful ones and zeros. A coder sits down and reads [code] in search of the first function call that activates the password prompt. It takes half an hour. When you find it, you can find out where the memory stores a secret code. Everything is so trite. It takes half an hour.”

March 8 in an interview with Daily Dot McAfee admitted that he deliberately lied, notes Xakep. Apparently, the founder of the antivirus company did not suffer brain damage and is how modern encryption protection in General and iPhone in particular. McAfee noted that he made his statements with good intentions.

“I knew that by doing so I will attract a shitload of attention, which is what happened, said McAfee. Some videos on my YouTube account already has 700,000 views. My goal was to draw attention of Americans to the problem of the FBI, which is trying to fool the American public. How was I supposed to do, just to put it out there right? No one would listen to such nonsense. So I came up with something sensational.”

However, McAfee still claims to crack iPhone he: “that I can hack the iPhone, I was telling the truth. I can do it. It is generally time to spit. Most likely, it could make you.”

In an interview with McAfee explained that deliberately simplified and exaggerated description of the hacking process, but he still continues to assert that it is possible. It should be said that to attempt to hack iPhone shooter from San Bernardino, risking to lose all this information, and the FBI, but they preferred to seek help from Apple, in search of a more reliable method.

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