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The Creator of McAfee introduced a secure smartphone with buttons that allow you to physically disconnect the battery and antenna

The Creator of the McAfee antivirus company, John McAfee unveiled the prototype of “antispyware” smartphone called “John McAfee Privacy Phone”. The device is a switch that allows hardware to disconnect the battery, antenna, camera, and microphone.

The personality of John McAfee hardly need any introduction even for those who never used developed by the company antivirus software. This week it became known that the eccentric developer is developing the “first truly secure smartphone”.

It is known that John McAfee Privacy Phone will get the switches on the back that will allow you to physically disconnect a battery with the Wi-Fi antenna and Bluetooth, geolocation, microphone and camera. In addition, the phone will get the anonymizer search engines and some other software advantages of secure mobile devices. According to McAfee, the model is “light years” ahead of Blackphone and other phones pretending to be safe.

Technical characteristics of the device remain unknown. But it is reported that this will be the first version of this product, and in the summer of 2018 will be the second, which will differ even higher level of protection.

John McAfee Privacy Phone will go on sale at the end of the year at a price of $1100.

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