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The Creator of McAfee antivirus: Give me iPhone terrorist and I will decode all the data

The Creator of the McAfee antivirus software and a contender for U.S. President from the libertarian party John McAfee has promised to eat his Shoe on live national television, if within three weeks he will not be able to hack protection iPhone belonging to a terrorist who killed 14 people in San Bernardino. McAfee made a statement in his column in Business Insider.

McAfee has offered the FBI free use of his team, which, in his opinion, has the best hackers in the world. Eccentric millionaire also advised the Bureau to type into Google search “legend of cyber security” and make sure in the top ten search results is found only his name.

Possible President of the United States McAfee is known for his bizarre antics: he was playing Russian roulette with his revolver and four times he was lucky, and in Belize millionaire suspected in the murder of a neighbor. He goes on elections with the conviction that the present U.S. authorities are completely illiterate in modern technology.

On 16 February the court issued a decision according to which Apple should disable the built-in function that erases data on the iPhone of a terrorist, if ten times to enter an incorrect password. Former intelligence officer USA Edward Snowden suggested that the way the FBI tries to gain access to all your iPhone.

Apple CEO Tim cook in an open letter called the court order “an unprecedented step, which threatens the security of customers” and stated that the consequences of this step “go far beyond the trial of the case”.

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Apple recalled its collaboration with the FBI during the investigation, in particular its willingness to comply with all legal requirements and agenda. But now, as suggested by the company’s management, the government actually tries to create a new version of software for the iPhone that allows you to bypass the main means of information protection.

“The court requires the company to what it is not and that, in our opinion, it would be too dangerous to create, wrote cook. – The government asks Apple to crack the protection of our users and to negate all of what we have achieved in decades of trying to protect from hackers and cybercriminals.”

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