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The Creator of Half-Life Gabe Newell criticized iOS

The head of the largest American game developer Valve Software Gabe Newell has criticized iOS operating system. According to him, game developers often update the game, but on the mobile platform Apple make it extremely difficult.

“We are very much grieved to work with iOS, said Newell. Sometimes we had to release updates 5-6 times a day. When we released the first version of Steam for iOS, has received numerous reports from users and the next day I was ready to update it. But within six months we were not able to release an update! And we didn’t understand why they can’t do that!”

Newell laments the fact that the moderators of the App Store in no way associated with the developers, and the update went out late for no apparent reason. To the question, does the Valve release the game for next-gen consoles, Newell said that the Studio really loves the PC.

“I guess we can not understand, how to become a successful iOS developer. Because we make tools that help make life easier for developers,” — said the head of the Valve.

It is noteworthy that in 2011, Gabe Newell said that sometime in the future Apple will control the home entertainment, which the idea of a separate gaming console will go into oblivion.

Newell said that although he does not know the exact plans of Apple, he is confident that the Apple giant could release a product for home entertainment that will change people’s perceptions of such devices and lead to the disappearance of game consoles. This product, believed the Creator of Half-Life, will break the market of gaming consoles and it will be very difficult to resist.

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