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The creation of a national search engine “Sputnik” was recognized as a failure. It spent $20 million

State search engine “Sputnik”, intended to oust Google and Yandex, can be closed. This is reported by “Vedomosti” with reference to own sources.

Search engine “Sputnik”, launched three years ago, never became popular: technically was good, but not competitive. According to LiveInternet, the share of the search traffic of “Yandex” in the Russian Internet amounted in April to 54%, Google of 40.8%, 4.4 per cent. I have not received one cent.

According to analysts to push the leaders — “Yandex” and Google, an extremely difficult task. It could not even the search engine Bing from Microsoft, despite the fact that in its development and promotion has been invested a lot of money.

The representative of “Rostelecom” Andrey Polyakov confirmed that plans for the development of “Satellite” is now revised, will be made “adjustments correspond to reality”, as it is necessary to increase the efficiency and reduce the cost of the project.

It is possible that the project will not be fully closed, says one of the sources: the developers managed to develop machine learning algorithms and working with large unstructured data. But “Rostelecom” it is necessary to understand how best to use these developments.

Search engine “Sputnik” was launched in may 2014. Initial investments “Rostelecom” in the project amounted to about $20 million, the Full amount of the investments in the search engine “Rostelecom” does not open.

“You will need to make adjustments, corresponding to reality. This is the search for new economic and market models due to the changed situation on the market and in the economy,” explained Polyakov.

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