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The CPS have not found harmful radiation from cell phone stations placed on rooftops

Towers with powerful transmitters flooded the city, and many see this as a serious threat to health. How to reduce the negative effects of radiation and does it really a threat? The CPS says that mobile stations are subject to zones of limited development, and if the mini-station was installed on site or the roof of the dwelling, its signals do not reach the ground, as the antenna is raised to a height of 30-50 meters.

Antenna on the street Uchinskaya mounted in the vicinity of residential houses in the fall of 2013, write “News”. On the roof of a multilevel Parking for more than 10 repeaters. Immediately next, just a few steps, is in kindergarten.

Antennas are directed almost in the window of Alexandra. Electromagnetic radiation so frightened the woman that she placed the children in the room, which opens onto the other side.

Endless complaints to various authorities have not brought any result. Antennas became more and more. The locals do not know who gave the permission and why is needed the equipment, if the signal is good.

“I have no drugs virtually no cost, get a lot of headaches. Insomnia, I didn’t understand what was going on! Please — help us! Tear ask, because it’s impossible! How are the kids?!” — says one of the locals.

The proximity to the base stations means that people are constantly, and most importantly, against their will, are exposed to electromagnetic radiation. According to some scholars, the consequences appear perhaps now. So, for 10 years of “explosive” growth of cellular communications in 85% increase in the number of diseases of the nervous system in adolescents 15-17 years.

The CPS argues that annual monitoring levels of flux density of electromagnetic energy, eliminating the negative impact of these facilities on people and the environment.

“These claims have not been substantiated, as when measured on the roof and in the accommodation levels do not exceed hygienic normativov significantly below the maximum allowable or non-existent,” – said in Rospotrebnadzor.

In Moscow — more than 10,000 base stations. The allowable rate of radiation — 10 microwatt per square centimeter. But often in the capital of one pillar to hang multiple devices. Just last year, CPS received nearly 500 complaints from residents on this topic.

“There is a decision of the International Association for cancer research that magnetic radiation from cellular phone and base stations, it is the same type of radiation — is a promoter of brain cancer,” says Chairman of Russian national Committee on protection from non-ionizing radiation Yuri Grigoryev.

The CPS does not agree with such statement of a question. The Ministry added that the increase in the number of base stations leads to lower power transmitters, and therefore to reduce the power of cell phones, the direct source of impact on the human body.

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