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The court will consider on may 19, claims Apple to the Russian customs equate Apple Watch to the regular wrist watch

The arbitration court of the Moscow region was postponed to may 19 hearing on the statement of LLC “Apple Rus”, the Russian division of Apple, in which the company requested to invalidate several decision s of Sheremetyevo customs regarding classification of imported goods.

The statement “daughters” Apple has arrived in arbitration on 18 February. She asks to recognize as illegal the ten decisions on the classification of “smart hours” Apple Watch on the HS UES, as well as the decision on amendments and (or) additions to the information specified in the Declaration dated 5 February.

Until the end of 2015 Apple Watch and other smart watches Russian customs attributed to the devices of voice and data transmission and rate of import duty on them was zero. But in the end, the classification changed and “smart” watch like a normal watch, rate for the import of which reaches 10%.

Because FCS began to impose tariffs on Apple devices, the Apple Watch before the New year has risen in price in retail. December 11, Apple raised the price of Apple Watch in 7 to 17%, depending on the model.

Just in February, Apple filed three lawsuits: two against the Central customs administration in the Moscow Arbitration court and one against Sheremetyevo customs in Arbitration court of the Moscow region. In March it was reported that the Moscow arbitration court has left without movement until 24 and 25 March, two of a lawsuit of the Russian “daughter” Apple “Apple Rus” — the Central customs administration.

Apple declined to comment on the situation with the introduction of a ten percent duty in the Russian Federation, the claims of the company against TCF.

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