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The court saw nothing wrong in the gay emoticons on iPhone

Savelovsky court of Moscow dismissed the Moscow lawyer Vsevolod Sazonov in satisfaction of the claim to the supplier of Apple products for emoticons with LGBT symbols. “The applicant refused to satisfy the claim,” said court spokesman Konstantin Timoshenko.

According to the press Secretary, the court announced only the operative part of its ruling, on the grounds of his decision will be known later.

The grievance of the plaintiff caused the smileys in the new operating system iOS 8.3, some of which contain LGBT symbols. Slowed Sazonov has addressed in court with the claim about protection of the rights of consumers to LLC “Apple Rus”, the official equipment supplier of Apple in Russia. As explained by Sazonov, he bought her six-year-old son an iPhone 6. After some time the boy asked the father what is the meaning of some emoticons in your phone. Seeing the icons of the LGBT symbolism, the man was forced to take the phone from the child.

“Tolerant smiles” Apple is not only immature form in the minds of adolescents installation of nontraditional sexual relations, but, worse, contribute to the emergence of interest in such abnormal relations. That’s why parents oppose the renewal of ideology and legal consciousness of children by imposing their idea of “tolerance on the verge of madness,” added Slowed.

According to the plaintiff, in earlier versions of the iOS operating system such smiles were not — they appeared only in version 8.3. Sazonov insisted that the court banned the sale in Moscow Apple equipment, which is equipped with this software. Himself Californian tech giant, says the lawyer, should delete the disputed smilies in future versions.

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Moral damage caused to him and his son watching emoticons, Vsevolod Sazonov was estimated at 985 000 rubles — the amount it expects to collect from the company.

Earlier, on the LGBT smileys have already drawn the attention of the Deputy of Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg Vitaly Milonov.

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