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The court rejected the claim of Android users to Apple because of disappearing SMS messages

U.S. district judge Lucy Koh has stopped the trial because of errors associated with the delivery of SMS messages. We are talking about the lawsuit of a former iPhone user to Apple, which filed for a Corporation to court because of a problem with the disappearance of the messages sent to him via iMessage instead of SMS. In a statement, the judges said that though the iMessage fails do lead to loss of messages, however, the plaintiffs have not provided evidence of a violation of a contractual relationship with Apple.

The lawsuit said that after switching to an Android smartphone, some users are unable to use the “SMS” old iPhone “took hostage” their phone number. As it turned out during the trial, the messages are lost due to the fact that sometimes the Apple smartphones continue to send SMS to former users of “Apple” smartphones via iMessage, even if they switched to a phone with a different operating system.

Apple can deliver the message only to the owner iOS, if it failed iMessage theoretically offers to send him an SMS. But in practice the system sometimes fails and reports about the successful completion of the operation.

In may last year, Apple received a lawsuit from former iPhone users from California. Then she recognized the errors in the iMessage. The company noted that anomalous disappearance of SMS messages is because the mobile phone number can be still registered with the iMessage service. To unregister your phone number, it was suggested to go to menu Settings – > Messages and turn off iMessage.

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In November of last year, Apple launched a service to deactivate your phone number from iMessage. Now just go to the page Deregister iMessage, in the field “Enter your phone number” to select your country and enter your phone number, which is fixed for iMessage. After that, the phone comes with a six-digit code. Sending it to Apple, the user will be “forgotten” by the system instant messaging.

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