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The court permanently blocked the torrent tracker and 10 other pirate resources

The Moscow city court has decided to fully block the torrent tracker and 12 other websites that post pirated content, reports RIA Novosti. Access to services is limited on a permanent basis.

Representatives of the Moscow city court said that such a decision on the claim of copyright protection is made in Russia for the first time. Previously access was restricted to only certain pages of resources. Additionally, the Ministry said that at the hearing did not appear no representatives of plaintiffs or defendants, was only the representative of Roskomnadzor.

The claim about blocking said LLC “Basileus distribution”. The defendants made 14 of resources, but one managed to avoid locking. In addition among the closed sites,,,,,,,,, While all of these sites work in a regular mode.

Earlier have already filed lawsuits in connection with hosted unauthorized copies of films. So in February 2014 the Moscow city court ordered a number of sites, including the torrent tracker, to remove copies of the film “Viy” and “In sports only girls”.

The law that made possible to lock a resource at the request of holders, operates in Russia since August 1, 2013, extended version entered into force on 1 may 2015.

Soon also should be solved the issue of blocking one of the most popular Russian torrent trackers — Recently a lawsuit about the eternal resource lock was filed by the national Federation of the music industry.

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