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The court ordered Ukrainian ZeoBIT to return the money to the users MacKeeper

Users MacKeeper, a popular application to clean and optimize your Mac, you can reimburse the money spent on the purchase of the program. This conclusion was made by the court on the case, which was tried from may 2014.

The lawsuit against the Kyiv-based company ZeoBIT was initiated due to the behavior of the free version of MacKeeper, which dramatizes the problems with the operating system. Pop-up alert the computer owner about serious computer problems, forcing frightened “MacOS users” to refer to the paid version for $40, allegedly able to solve them all.

According to the court ruling ZeoBIT should create a Fund with a share capital of $2 million for Any buyer program may contact the developers for a refund of the full purchase price. In the judgment referred 513 330 the users that ZeoBIT is obliged to return the money.

The main functions of MacKeeper: delete unnecessary files (including logs, caches, duplicate files, etc.), protection against malicious websites (by means of the Avira engine), performance optimization, shredder and file encryption. The product was developed by the Ukrainian ZeoBIT. In 2013 the rights to it were sold to a German company Kromtech Alliance.

MacKeeper has a bad reputation. On the forums on the web you can find a lot of complaints from Mac owners that advertising MacKeeper bother them. The fact that the developers have acquired a huge number of ad impressions — more than anyone before.

In may, a specialist in information security Braden Thomas has discovered a vulnerability in MacKeeper, which allows attackers to execute on the victim’s computer arbitrary code with administrator privileges when visiting a malicious website. Vulnerability is a function of the operating system, allowing you to assign programs to handle links of various types. For example, clicking on the e-mail address and launch the Mail application, etc. the Problem is that checking these addresses program MacKeeper is done poorly.

In March 2015 the developers said that during the five years of existence, the MacKeeper app has been downloaded 20 million

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