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The court ordered Apple to pay employees $2 million for the delay of salaries and the prohibition of lunch

Apple lost the court case, former employees of the retail stores of the company due to violations of the labor code. In particular, the company was found guilty that was not allowed to take breaks, go to lunch and delayed wages to employees. In the lawsuit appear the names of current employees as “Apple” of the Corporation and retired.

The suit was initiated in 2011 by former employee s of retail stores Apple Store in new York and Los Angeles. It was filed on behalf of former employee of Apple store Brandon Velcera and his three colleagues, who accused the employer in violation of the Labor code of the state of California. In 2014, the lawsuit was joined by more than 20,000 Apple employees.

The plaintiffs argue that the company does not allow you to take breaks, go to lunch, and withhold wages. One of the workers complained that Apple forces you to work 5 hours without a break and the other on the delay of the fee for up to 2 days. The representative of the plaintiffs in the Tyler court Bilon said that some employees are deprived of a break at all for 7-8 hours. We are talking only about those employees who receive a fee based on the number of hours worked.

On Wednesday, the California court recognized the guilt of Apple and now the company needs to pay employees $ 2 million in compensation. Thus, every claimant could rely in the amount of $ 95.

Meanwhile, against the California giant is another matter — associated with paying hourly employees of branded stores. They are unhappy that the company does not compensate for the time during which the output of the stores of their searches security service.

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