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The court ordered Apple to help the FBI hack iPhone shooter from San Bernardino

U.S. court ordered Apple to help investigators with the FBI to crack iPhone arrow from San Bernardino (Calif.), who along with his wife killed 14 people at the end of 2015. Last week, the Minister lamented that although after the terrorist attacks two months have passed, his Department still could not access the contents of a smartphone killer.

The court accepted the arguments of the FBI and issued a corresponding order, thus satisfying the request of investigators, who claimed that the iPhone maker refused to voluntarily meet the FBI. Apple has not yet commented on the court decision and the appeal to it.

The signed order stipulates that a company change the software on the iPhone 5c so that the FBI investigators were able to guess the password through brute force. This method provides for alternate input all possible combinations, the number of which can run into billions. At the same time, the smartphone’s settings allow you to erase all of its contents in case of wrong password 10 times in a row, which prevents the investigators to use that method.

iPhone was discovered in the car, where the wife of Saeed Farooq and Malik Tashfin tried to escape after the shooting of 14 people at the community center California San Bernardino. In the ensuing chase and shootout with police officers of the spouse murderers were eliminated. According to the main version, they have committed a terrorist act under the influence of the ideology of the Islamic state (is prohibited in the Russian Federation extremist group), although not operated under the direct control of the militants.

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The confrontation between the FBI and Apple – the next stage in the dispute between the U.S. intelligence community and the companies that make standard use of encryption technology in their software on mobile devices.

Last week the head of the FBI James Comey in hearings in the Senate intelligence Committee drew the attention of lawmakers on this issue, adding that although after the terrorist attacks in San Bernardino two months have passed, his Department still could not access the contents of a smartphone killer. Speaking with him CIA Director John Brennan also called inscription devices are the main reason that the terrorists managed to escape from the field of view of the security services and to coordinate the attacks in Paris in November last year.

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