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The court of South Korea has refused to arrest the head of the Samsung

After 18 hours of deliberation, the Central district court of Seoul refused to issue a warrant for the arrest of Vice-President and actual head of Samsung Electronics 49-year-old Lee Jae Yong. The request for the arrest was made by a group of spectacular pan Yong su, who is investigating high-profile political scandal surrounding President Park Geun-Hye. According to the court, the prosecution evidence is insufficient to convict Lee Jae Yong in the transfer of bribes to government officials.

To the question about the warrant for the arrest of Lee Jae-Yong was the center of attention. Informal it is believed that Samsung is a “state within the state” for South Korea because of its status and influence on the economy. Still, despite all the scandals, the head of the concern was never arrested, although cases call for questioning was. Informed of all charges led to punishment closest aides, but not the head of the Corporation.

The investigation accused Lee Jae-Yong and his subordinates in the transfer of bribes in the amount of 43 billion won (over $36 million), which, according to the prosecution, were “charge” for permission to merge the two companies of Samsung group. The merger was necessary for the transfer of power from the father, who officially leads the group, but 2014 is in a coma. The money was transferred to companies and foundations controlled by the friend of the President Choi sung-SIL, which for its impact on public administration called the “gray cardinal in a skirt.” In addition, Lee was accused of abuse of power and perjury during public hearings in Parliament.

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Sam Lee Jae-Yong rejected all accusations, considering himself a victim of pressure from the government headed by Park Geun-Hye. He argued that the transferred funds were not “pay” for the merger.

The court’s decision has caused a mixed assessment in the community. Many Koreans said that once again the judicial system failed to overcome the “wall Samsung”, the largest state Corporation. However, the lack of those who believes that the judge was correct in not going on about emotions, and deciding to consider only from the standpoint of the right and evidence. Among the lawyers there were different points of view about whether to indict Lee Jae-ENU bribery or indeed he fell victim to pressure from the government headed by Park Geun-Hye.

In any case, the verdict was a severe blow to investigators spectrometry. It is expected that this will affect their future actions in respect of other heads of corporations of Korea, who are suspected of corruption.

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