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The court in the USA gave Apple three days to respond to a request by the FBI for hacking iPhone

Apple has been granted a three-day delay for a decision on assistance from the Federal Bureau of investigation. Such resolution was made by a California court. During this time the company must respond to the request of the FBI and the justice Department about terrorist hacking iPhone.

On Tuesday, Federal magistrate judge Sheri Pym gave Apple five days to make a decision about breaking iPhone of one of the terrorists who committed the attack in San Bernardino. Apple CEO Tick cook has said that the company will resist, his decision was upheld by Google, Facebook, WhatsApp.

Now, as reported by CNBC, Apple should not provide the answer of 23 February, and on Friday, February 26. Judge Pym had originally planned to give only five working days to respond.

This is not the first time that American judge sides with FBI on hacking smartphones. Apple every time resisted such solutions, referring to the encryption system. Meanwhile, according to network sources, since 2008, Apple at the request of U.S. courts provided access to information on the iPhone at least 70 times.

Ex-intelligence officer USA Edward Snowden, made at the time of resonant statement about large-scale spying by the NSA, noted that the us government will not be confined to breaking only one iPhone, they get full access to all Apple gadgets.

A terrorist attack in San Bernardino occurred in December 2015. Saeed Farooq and his wife Tashfin Malik broke into the center for the disabled and opened fire with automatic weapons. The attack resulted in 14 fatalities, 21 injured. The attack was considered a terrorist attack.

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