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The court first acknowledged website of the “piracy” for the dissemination of music

The Moscow city court satisfied the claim of CJSC “S. B. A. music publishing, a subsidiary company of Warner Music Russia, to the resource copyright in musical works, RBC reports. The judge ordered the site to delete a few songs group Artik&Asti, and forbade to create a technical environment that allows you to post, distribute or otherwise illegal use of the song Artik&Asti.

As noted Roman Lukianov, Director of the legal company Semenov&Pevzner, which protected the interests of the right holder, the decision of Moscow city court became the first court decision in the music industry, which was delivered in the framework use the new anti-piracy law.

Lukyanov also reminded that the re-submission of the claim to the by CJSC “S. B. A. music publishing” may end in an eternal lock of the site.

We will remind, amendments to the law “On information, information technologies and information protection” entered into force on 1 may this year. They expanded anti-piracy legislation with video content to all types of copyright and related rights, in addition to photographs. Now under the law are subject to audio and literary works, and also software.

The Russian subsidiary of Warner Music Russia “SBA Production” and “S. B. A. music publishing” demanded to block access to phonograms Artik&Asti and A. I. umrikhina on the torrent tracker and This was the first case of the use of the new edition of the anti-piracy law.

Earlier this week it became known that the publishing house “Eksmo” has filed a court action in the protection of its copyright to online libraries and and If claims are satisfied, then all three sites, as well as that would be a step away from life lock.

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