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The cost of components iPhone X is $ 370

Engineers benchmark IHS Market in the Wake of the publication TechInsights decided to disassemble the iPhone X and independently assess the cost of components.

For experiment was chosen the iPhone version X 64 GB, which is sold in retail for $ 999, excluding taxes. According to estimates of engineers, price for all elements of the smartphone could be about $ 370.

“X-iPhone — the most expensive ever released the iPhone. Compared to other flagship smartphones it is the biggest difference between the BOM cost and the selling price. It katapultiert industry of smartphones to a whole new level of prices.

While the design of the flagship is very different from the iPhone in 2007, its basic architecture similar to the iPhone 8 Plus. Models feature the same components. However, the excellent screen X and complex TrueDepth camera contribute to the higher price of a smartphone,” said Andrew Rassweiler, senior Director, benchmark-IHS Market.

During the disassembly of the iPhone X it was determined that an infrared camera Sony/Foxconn, chips created by ST Microelectronics, IR emitter — Texas Instruments, point a projector, Finisar and Philips. All components are mounted on integrated circuit ASIC and SPAD detector ST Microelectronics.

The cost of the sensor package TrueDepht camera was valued at $ 17.

“Assembly and testing of all components TrueDepth camera is a complex and time-consuming task, which could affect the delay in the production. Also, the health check sensors Texas Instruments and installation diagram ST Microelectronics is quite complicated. This requires a large amount of spare parts for experimentation,” explained Jeremy Busa, senior Director of MEMS circuits and sensors, IHS Market.

iPhone X include of 5.85-inch AMOLED panel and the Touch Force sensor film for polarizer. The aspect ratio of 19.5:9 is the largest among all existing smartphones. Resolution 2436 on 1125 points made density Super Retina display is very high — a total of 458 pixels per inch. The contrast ratio of the iPhone screen to 1,000,000:1.

The panel includes not only Samsung display but also flexible screen Intelligence Service. According to the unique specifications of Apple in 2017 must be made 67 million display modules.

IHS Market experts evaluated the set of display together with the upper glass and AMOLED panel and a Force Touch sensor 110 dollars.

A detailed cost estimate.

In addition to the cost components in the cost of a smartphone is influenced by the cost of creating the operating system, support cloud service, patent payments and many other factors.

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