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The construction progress of Apple’s new campus from the height of bird flight [video]

In October 2013, Apple received approval from the city authorities Cupertino to build a new campus, Apple Campus 2, the main building which will accommodate 13,000 employees and will receive a very futuristic architectural appearance. When it is finished, and it should happen in 2016, the building will resemble a huge disk space and landed in a green suburb.

But now the building looks more like a landing pad in the area of dust storms. A 3-minute custom recordings made with the helicopter Skycore Camera Ship on professional camera 5k Red Epic Dragon with 1800-mm optics, we have to consider carefully walled building plot. The video depicted a large number of construction machinery, the main building with circular architecture and related infrastructure.

A few weeks ago it became known that Apple changes the main contractors for the construction of Apple Campus 2. In Cupertino have decided to refuse the services of companies Skanska and DPR who built the frame of “space saucer”. It is not excluded that the change of contractors will affect the timing of completion of construction of the campus.

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