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The construction of the new headquarters of Apple was removed using a drone [video]

Blogger Matthew Roberts published the video footage of the new Apple headquarters in the form of a ring, which is in the process of construction. The video was filmed by a drone camera DJI Phantom 3 Professional.

The published footage shows that workers have built several floors of the complex, the building is cluttered with glass panels, with new camera angles filmed in the round pavilion above the entrance to an underground conference hall where Apple will announce new iPhone models and Mac. Shows new footage of the multi-tiered Parking garages and research buildings.

Published a few days ago, the video became quite popular – it was viewed about 100,000 times. Comments discuss the appearance of the building. Most of them approve of the concept and compare it with the space ship.

Three years ago the administration of Cupertino voted unanimously in favor of Apple’s new campus. The headquarters is built on a plot of 60.7 hectares. the area of the main four-storey building is approximately 26 ha. the conference room will seat about 1000 people, and research center will occupy an area of 2.8 ha. of Office space will accommodate 13,000 employees.

Inside the buildings, the vegetation is completely absent, and the outside — on the contrary, abound. Apple has more plans for the new complex: according to Executive Director Tim cook it will become the center of innovation and creativity for the company for decades. If all goes according to plan, the Apple Campus 2 will be able to take staff up to the end of 2016.

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