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The construction of Apple Park, Apple doubled property prices in the city

The new headquarters Apple Park in Cupertino worth $5 billion can be seen from space. Locals call it the “space ship” and are preparing for major changes in the city.

In the town nearby Sunnyvale in the planning stages is 95 different objects. In Cupertino also have a enclave in the city center, including lofts, 120-unit apartment complex, stores and numerous restaurants and cafes.

Local institutions are also preparing for changes. The Residence Inn was built with the expectation of Apple employees. Guests will have access to Mac computers and high-speed Internet, said mark Lynn, a partner at Sand Hill Hotel Management, who consulted with Apple about what the company’s employees.

Guests of the city take pictures of the “spaceship” Apple streets. Television helicopters circling in the air. Photographers ask the locals where to position the camera to look at Apple Park with the best view.

Apple Park is one of the last major project of Steve jobs. A few months before he died, he went to the municipal Council of Cupertino and outlined his vision of a futuristic campus of glass, which would promote the creativity of employees. The city Council unanimously approved plans for the new Apple headquarters.

The main building is in the form of a ring includes a huge gym and a visitors ‘ center with three miles of Jogging and pedestrian trails. In the center you will find a garden, meadow and pond. The entire project demonstrates the obsession with Apple parts. Curved glass Windows made in Germany and is considered the largest in the world.

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Sunnyvale and Cupertino, like many other cities in Silicon valley experienced a real estate boom on the background of the rise of industry. Prices in the area skyrocketed after Apple talked about their plans to build Apple Park.

For example, a house with three rooms and two bedrooms with an area of 1400 square feet, which cost $ 750,000 in 2011, has now doubled in price.

Real estate companies already are poaching employees from Apple, instead of the old residents who have moved to safer areas. Those who remain understand that life will not be the same as before, when all the 12,000 Apple workers to settle nearby. Neighbors fear increased traffic and expect that workers will Park in front of their houses because the garage is not enough space.

Apple say they will take into account the opinion of local residents, but acknowledged: “We still can’t please everyone”.

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