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The concept truly useful Siri

Apple before anyone realized the need for a voice assistant in the smartphone. The first version of Siri was released in 2011, but since the assistant has not undergone major changes. Concept designer Kevin Eugene fixes old bugs.

First idea of the concept is not to create new teams, and in fact to correctly display existing requests. Eugene proposes to use the concept of parallel care. This is when the helper does not cover the application and runs as a notification at the top.

In the example above, Kevin asks Siri to display photos from Japan to send them to my friend. Once the query is executed, the result will appear in the notification so as not to distract from the current Affairs.

From this notification you can select photos and send them. But you can also use Drag&Drop directly from Siri.

If within a certain time, the user does not interact with Siri, the notification is hidden, but not completely. If desired, the assistant can return just pulling down.

Due to the fact that Siri itself is hidden, you can open it in another application, all data is saved.

Kevin wants to voice assistant was more deeply integrated into the system. For example, when working with email, you can ask Siri to open the correspondence in iMessage to drag and drop the photos.

With the command “Hey Siri, I want to…” can be partially open some applications. For example, if you say “Hey Siri, I want to write to Yannick”, opens a dialog box in iMessage.

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According to the designer, Siri should be able to perform all the functions that are iOS. In the standard email client Siri can change the text, recipient, and signature.

Even Siri can act as a universal clipboard. To save Wallpapers you no longer have to hold your finger on the screen to select the desired item in the menu. Suffice it to say Siri, so she saved the picture. Then you can paste it into another application.

These new features Siri looks interesting, but it is only a concept. IOS 12 will feature Siri Shortcuts. With its help you can create your commands and the actions they will perform.

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