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The concept of the new modular Mac Pro and frameless monitor Apple Cinema Display

It is no secret that Apple designs a new, “completely rethought” model Mac Pro. This was told by senior Vice President of marketing Phil Schiller. In addition to completely new workstation range of products for professionals will complement the new monitor, from which development in Cupertino earlier refused.

In anticipation of the expected announcement of the designers CURVED/labs decided to ennoble an Apple computer, proposing the concept of the next generation Mac Pro. The original model shows the device in a redesigned enclosure provides for the installation of standard components and is offered with branded 27-inch Apple Cinema Display.

According to the designers, the new Mac Pro resembles a sort of Mac mini “on steradian” device changed shape from cylindrical to rectangular, fixed on the side and boasts updated hardware. Front and back walls studded with interface connectors: USB-C, USB, FireWire, LAN, HDMI, there is also a slot for SD memory cards and power button with integrated fingerprint scanner Touch ID.

The main “trick” the new Mac Pro is a modular design, allowing the computer’s capabilities can be extended with third-party components. There are two slots for full-size image court, a slot for a hard disk drive or SSD slot for replacement of CPU, RAM. Refers to this design PC, which will allow users to regularly update your device. The desktop also boasts a new turbine cooling system.

The Mac Pro is offered together with the new monitor Apple Cinema Display with a screen diagonal of 27 inches. The signature image output device has received a radical new design, six USB-C port, HDMI and ultra-thin frame around the screen.

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