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The concept of the iPhone 8 with “functional area” and edge-to-edge design [video]

Artists from the project, Tech-Driven Times published a new concept art of the iPhone 8. When you create a work, they were guided by available information about the future flagship Apple.

Designers are not limited to the render images, and prepared a full-fledged promo video, which focused on the design and interface of the mobile device. So indifferent fans of “Apple” products are offered to use the front panel to the maximum display iPhone 8 takes up almost the entire front panel: to display the information used including the area around the Home button.

The button itself was left in its usual place, but now it is virtual and is part of the “functional region”, which previously said informed sources. The button appears only on the home screen of iOS. In applications it disappears, this place displays a variety of information — virtual buttons, images, sliders, etc.

This decision is reminiscent of the touch panel touch Bar in the new MacBook Pro, so conceptual problems with the implementation of this decision are not observed.

The rear panel has kept the design in the style of the iPhone 7 Plus. The volume buttons and lock the accelerometer remained in place, and a convex block with dual camera — it is evident that the imagination of the author has gone to an embodiment of the interface and the front panel.

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