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The concept of the iPhone 8 with edge-to-edge OLED display and touch button Home

Some designers addicted to creating the “perfect” smartphone and sometimes forget that the gadget needs to stay practical and work — to perform the functions of the mobile device, and not just to please the eye. In the Network appeared the concept of the iPhone 8, which boasts a thin design and outstanding technical characteristics.

The concept was developed by designer Tobias Buchnera, which demonstrated their vision of a new Apple smartphone with an OLED display.

The device uses integrated into the display touch the Home key, and on the back of the iPhone 8 is a dual camera with a noticeably remote from an led flash. The sheath “g” are made entirely of glass. With the exception of the metal top and bottom faces designed to add body strength.

The concept of Butner looks pretty interesting, but, of course, does not claim to authenticity. And Apple certainly has their own ideas about the design.

In any case, the official show of the iPhone 8 is not expected until September 2017.

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