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The concept of “iPhone dreams”: the screen on the entire front surface and the lack of Home button

Designer Benjamin Gaskin posted on his Twitter account renders the concept of a smartphone Apple — that the author sees iPhone quite near future. “I decided to create my own fan art, reflecting the prospects of the iPhone,” wrote the artist in his blog.

Externally, the device retains the features of the existing iPhone. However, Benjamin offers to use glass as a material for the rear panel. The main feature of “iPhone dreams” was the display, extending in the entire front panel of the smartphone. On the front panel of the smartphone is completely gone frame, and all it takes is screen. The fingerprint scanner Touch ID, front camera and earpiece were integrated into the display.

Of course, to make a screen with the existing technologies is problematic, however, in some ways, analysts agree with the designers. In particular, gene Munster from Piper Jaffray is confident that in 2017, Apple finally get rid of the separate Home button as all actions (except for the fingerprint scanner) can be performed using the technology of 3D Touch, which appeared in the iPhone 6s. The vacated space will be used to display increase or reduce the size of the gadget. Biometric module will be integrated directly into a smartphone screen.

It is very unlikely that this is a concept close to the real device, but this works gives cause for reflection on the feasibility of installing such a screen in the upcoming Apple flagship. Many believe that the lack of the side frames will cause a huge amount of erroneous clicks and make use of the device uncomfortable.

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Perhaps most potential buyers expect the iPhone 8 to see it in other functions. For example, the increased time of Autonomous operation, novel and original methods of charging, improved camera, unlimited cloud storage. What are your wishes for the future Apple smartphone?

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