"The company is experimenting." Apple patented group selfie technology & nbsp

Apple has patented group selfie technology at a distance. The new program will allow all participants in the picture to be photographed separately, and the gadget will independently combine them in one image, writes The Verge.
You can edit the general selfie, for example, change your location in the picture. Apple did not develop this concept during the coronavirus pandemic. The company sent the application back in 2018, and received a patent on June 2 this year.

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Will the American IT giant introduce a new feature in its devices and will it be popular among users? The situation is commented by Valentin Petukhov, a blogger at Wylsacom.
Valentin Petukhov blogger, founder of the Wylsacom YouTube channel “This is a subspecies of new interesting features that will not necessarily be in demand, but which can be shown, for example, at the presentation of a new device, to demonstrate as some sort of distinctive feature. Now Apple is such a selfie – a combination of selfie and slow-motion video. This will not necessarily be in demand, the company is experimenting and trying to somehow attract the attention of users and show, for example, how powerful their cameras are, how strong their neural networks are and some other things. It's funny that Apple is still reinventing the wheel every time, the Chinese and Korean companies are happy to copy it all. It turns out, as a rule, not as spectacular as that of Apple. And all together then they either forget about it, or it becomes some kind of function that lives by a certain button, and that’s it. A camera is the only thing that can make a person think about updating. Therefore, now basically the entire marketing strategy is thrown precisely on the camera. 99% of what is patented does not go into production at all. That is, these are unrealized opportunities, some gadgets left for later, because after all, Apple was under the blow of patent trolls, and some other companies too. Therefore, it is in the interests of business, especially in America, where it is highly developed, to patent many interesting ideas so that later the so-called trolls do not come to you and do not demand royalties for using their supposedly patent. Therefore, in the spirit of American companies to patent in general everything that comes to mind. I think this is something from this area. "
In the coming weeks, Apple will launch installment services for the purchase of Mac, iPad and AirPods with its own Apple Card. On the iPhone, such a program is already available from last year. In Russia, it is not yet.
Despite falling iPhone sales and a pandemic, Apple's revenue is growing. In the last quarter, the corporation earned $ 58 billion, with net income of just over $ 11 billion.

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