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The cloud Mail.Ru” now displays the video in any formats

Mail.Ru Group has announced a new service opportunities the Cloud Mail.Ru”. Now it allows you to view videos in any formats. Uploaded to the online storage videos you can watch in high quality and on any device.

Now you do not need to install special software to search the network missing codecs, wasting time and bandwidth on downloading files and take them memory gadgets. Any stored in the Cloud, it’s possible to see just in a click. The player works with all popular formats, including .avi, .mkv, .mp4, .mov and .wmv.

The new feature is available in both the web version and the mobile Cloud app for Android. Version for iPhone and iPad will appear in the near future. And to view the video, the user can both in the Cloud and on the public page link to a file that has been shared.

“The task of modern cloud storage that the user had the opportunity to not only instantly get access to the necessary file, but to work with him, regardless of the device and availability of this or other software, — said Alexey Sergeev, Deputy Vice President Mail.Ru Group for strategic products. — The appearance of the media player in the Cloud Mail.Ru that is actively used for storage of video content is another step in this direction.”

Since all content is stored in the Cloud in their original size and quality (no compression), the developers have implemented the technique in which files are converted in real-time. This is a fundamentally different approach compared to most online resources, including social networks and specialized hosting that accept from the user of the source video, convert it to the proper format, then delete the original and keep a modified version of a file. To provide the user with the best playback quality for those conditions in which it is located, the Cloud Mail.Ru takes into account the maximum number of parameters in the conversion, including the speed of your Internet connection, the user’s device, and the format and file options.

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To evaluate how the video player in the Cloud Mail.Ru can the example of this movie.

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