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The chip manufacturer for the iPhone has launched serial production of Russian processors “Baikal”

Company “Baikal electronics” announced the launch of a large-scale production of domestic processors Baikal-T1. At the facilities of the Taiwanese company TSMC, which produces processors for Apple, March 28, we completed the manufacturing of a series of silicon wafers, in which methods of lithography and etching technology 28 nm deposited integrated circuit processor.

The following stages of the production cycle include cutting plates on crystals, the installation of crystals on the substrate, the encapsulation processor, as well as several stages of testing. After implementing these steps the next industrial batch of microprocessors in volume to 100,000 units will be available to commercial customers.

As reports CNews, the circulation was calculated on the basis of the real needs of specific customers from Russia and other countries. The number of these customers “Baikal electronics” is estimated at about 150 organizations, although abstains from instructions of their names and estimates on how many of them are abroad, and about which the countries in question.

Further pressings of the release of processors will become clear later — they will also determine the needs of customers. The developer is not abandoning previously announced plans, according to which by 2020 the company plans to produce and sell a few million of its processors.

Baikal-T1 is a processor architecture MIPS (Microprocessor without Interlocked Pipeline Stages), created in accordance with the concept of RISC, that is, for processors with a reduced set of commands.

Chronology of the creation of this processor, the developers describe in the following way. Development of the processor was completed in late 2014, and in December “Baikal electronics” has transferred to the factory TSMC so-called RTL code of the product for its release. In may 2015 the company has announced the release of engineering samples.

Next, the samples were manually tested, and the “Baikal” made sure they work properly. After that, the company in late summer of 2015, submitted an application to the expert Council of the industry development Fund (PDF) under the Ministry of industry and trade to receive thematic loan to continue the project — start of serial production.

In October 2015 the preferential loan was approved. At the level of private investment of the company in the amount of 288 million of this loan amounted to 500 million For the money “Baikal” in December 2015, placed an order for TSMC. In September 2016, the world saw the so-called initial batch of about 10 000 processors.

Now we are talking about 100 thousand industrial party, which will see the light, roughly, three months.

The main consumers of Baikal-T1 are producers of telecommunication equipment (routers, IP phones, storage, etc.), computing, hardware for embedded systems (industrial control, terminals, automotive systems, etc.). Consumption of processors in these markets, evaluation of FRP grows in the range of 7-15% per year.

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