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The Chinese were trying to smuggle themselves across the customs 102 iPhone – given gait

The popularity of “Apple” phones very often forces the enterprising people from different countries to break the law.

In China there is a shortage with the iPhone, so the flow of contraband to the mainland continues, despite all efforts of customs officers. Recently Chinese authorities have detained a woman who tried to smuggle themselves into the country hundreds of smartphones Apple latest generation.

Chinese border guards detained a desperate smuggler, who has decided to be held in China from Hong Kong 102 iPhone worth more than $ 70 000. All the gadgets were carefully tied with tape to the body of a woman. The criminal could barely move. That is why the guards from the Chinese province of Shenzhen, turned the woman attention.

It seemed that her joints and muscles zadereveneli, with the result that the Chinese were incredibly tense. In the bag which was carried by the smuggler, it was not uncommon, however, when she passed through the metal detector, a shrill ringing the iPhone.

On the body of a resident of Hong Kong was discovered 102 iPhone iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Enterprising woman thought to carry it themselves across the border, however, apparently forgot about the existence of metal detectors. She was detained and interrogated.

Despite the fact that most iPhones are manufactured in China, because of high taxes, they are much cheaper to buy in Hong Kong and in the West. This circumstance is used by the smuggling of a large consignment of Apple products across the border.

According to Hong Kong laws, the maximum penalty for smuggling of undeclared goods was $2.5 million or up to 7 years in prison.

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