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The Chinese were allowed into the clone wireless headphones AirPods

The Chinese company Dacom, which released clone AirPods wireless headphones with chip W1, plans to begin selling the device in the international market. The company has already registered the device to the Federal communications Commission (FCC), in the future, the headset will appear in other countries.

Earphone Dacom, created in the image and likeness of AirPods, debuted in November of last year, and still sold only in the Japanese market and also in online stores. The product is produced by Chinese company, reminiscent of the design of the headset and picked up the Apple case for charging.

On closer inspection it is noticeable that at TWS Guofen7 modified form of headphones, attached lining and a button for pairing with the mobile device. As for the interior features, the headset is not equipped with touch sensors a La the AirPods that determine whether an in-ear headset and when necessary stop the music.

Guofen7 TWS support audio signals over the Bluetooth channel at a distance of 20 m and is able to hold a charge for up to 6 days in standby mode. Also with the help of headphones, you can answer calls.

The main advantage of Chinese replica AirPods. Chinese version of the Apple earbuds sell for $20 at a time, as the original headphones cost $160.

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